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I was sick and in bed yesterday. Special thanks then go to my hubby, Manuel, for giving you something to read even when I couldn't do any writing. I was nauseated and dizzy practically the whole time though I have to say that the bad feeling started even before I listened to the on-goings at the Senate. As I started to listen to the Senate investigation, though, it was downhill from there.

So, what do you think? I think the Senators just succeeded in making me re-think why I even bother to cast my vote during election time. They succeeded in making those whom they were questioning look calm and collected. They succeeded in showing their true colors as public officials who cannot be questioned and whose reputations cannot be assailed. As for damage to the Senate as an institution, I don't think they need any help from outsiders like Col. Corpus or Angelo Mawanay. They can pretty much do that by themselves.

The investigation yesterday was supposedly held to ferret out the truth. Instead of bringing out nothing but the truth though, it has just confused us even more. Hearings such as those conducted yesterday bring nothing but grief.

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, August 18, 2001]

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