The Sick and the Dying

Angel is not feeling well, so Manuel is temporarily taking over Angelhouser....

No need to worry too much. Angel is feeling better. We guess it's the usual dizzy spells and nausea that one experiences during the first trimester of pregnancy.

That's why I respect women a lot. If God made men pregnant, the human race would've been wiped out eons ago. I dunno... guys enjoy being pampered by their wives, and seem to get debilitated at the first sign of a cold.

Women, on the other hand, can be tougher. I've seen Angel prepare Adi for bed, give him a bath, help him with homework, and read him books... all while nursing morning- evening- or anytime-sickness. Plus, she's looking forward to lamaze, or prepared childbirth. Whew!

So guys, think twice before sparring with a woman. Especially when she's protecting her reputation.

There's this certain Ador Mawanay who claimed he allegedly received an P8.9 million check from Senator Loren Legarda for 1,000 smuggled Nokia 3210's in 1998. (Legarda berates Ador Mawanay on smuggled-phones exposé writes Lira Dalangin or

I listened to part of their exchange over AM radio, and was struck by Mawanay's cool and even voice. Amazingly, he did not seem rattled at all as he testified and answered Sen. Legarda's questions directly.

Hmmm...maybe he was too cool and collected?

I dunno. Is the senate's credibility being eroded? Or can it still be nursed back to health? Only time will tell...

Mawanay vs Legarda

Who's telling the truth: Mawanay or Legarda?

I believe Mawanay

I believe Legarda

I don't know whom to believe

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[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, August 17, 2001]

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