My Son, The Consumer

If your family is as typical as ours, most likely, you start to feel "weakened" as Sunday comes to an end. You tell, yourself, "Where did the weekend go?" My kid, for one, loves asking: "What day is it today? Is it a weekend? No school? No office?" All these with a real, bright sunshiny smile on his face. That is, if it happens to be a Saturday or a Sunday.

Weekends are just "super-bonding days." It's the time we get to read lots of books, play around, go to the park, go to the grocery, watch movies, or simply laze around together. It's also the time when my son gets rewarded with books or small toy items.

Jollibee's kiddie meals now come with Batman toys. We bought Adi a Robin toy yesterday, and now he is targetting the rest of the gang: Batman, Penguin, and Catwoman. This morning, Adi was saying: "And next time, we'll buy Batman, and then Penguin, and then Catwoman." My son seems to think money is limitless. My hubby, hoping to teach my son some "finance lessons" responded by saying something like this: "Adi, I keep hearing you say BUY, BUY, BUY. Next time, maybe we should hear about how you plan to raise funds to buy the other toys. So, where do you intend to get the money?"

My son, ever the bright boy (and ultimate consumer) that he is, quickly responded: "From your wallet?"

Good night, every one. Have to get some rest as another work week starts. We have to make sure we draw our salaries. Otherwise, Adi's going to get a pretty nasty surprise when he attempts to look into Daddy's treasure chest.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, August 5, 2001]

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