When I was younger, meaning I still consider myself young at 34, I enjoyed watching the show (yes, I used to watch TV too), Doogie Howser, M.D. I particularly liked that portion towards the end of the show, when Doogie would sit in front of his computer, and type out his thoughts for the day. He had something like an electronic diary.

Well, what you are reading right now marks the start of my attempt at an electronic diary for myself. I attended a writing class (a poetry workshop, actually) and the facilitator, Prof. Gemino Abad, suggested that we attempt to write something every day. A day, when you don't write anything, is gone forever.

So, I am taking up this challenge just to see how far I can go. I will (I can hear Yoda whispering: "Just do, there is no try") write something daily from hereon. Thoughts, ramblings, insights, whatever. May I then invite you to see and visit daily whether the Force is with me?

By the way, we dropped by this shop at the Shangri-la Plaza today called Color Me Mine. It's a store where you can choose your own ceramic, paint it, and have it glazed and cooked for you to take home in a few days. It's a great way to relax, exercise your creativity, and just have fun. Most of all, it gives you time for you.

This daily piece is going to be my ceramic. It will be filled with the colors of my days, painted, hopefully, with inspiration, faith, and love. My son, Adi, once asked me: "Did God paint us? Is the paint dry na?" Well, we are all works in progress and our paint may need a little coating, every now and then, but with faith, I'm sure we'll turn out okay. Even if we get cooked sometimes by life's little irritations.

Oh and about the title. It is a take-off from Doogie Howser of course. Angel, House Writer, M.D. - for Mommy, Mrs., and Myself Dearest. Welcome. Visit Daily.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, August 5, 2001]

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