Traffic Ticket: Mega Tent, Pasig

Do you want to save yourself from getting a traffic ticket? Please drive carefully, especially if you're along Meralco Avenue, near Mega Tent in Pasig.

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If you're driving along Meralco Avenue, and you came from Meralco and are headed towards ULTRA or Shaw Blvd, as you come down the Meralco Avenue/Julia Vargas fly-over, you will approach the intersection of Meralco and that road that leads down to St. Paul. This is near Renaissance Towers and the Mega Tent.

If you're not going to turn left, please avoid the innermost (leftmost) lane.

If you stay on the leftmost lane, and then there's a blue-uniformed traffic officer in the intersection making the hand-signal or traffic order "turn left", and then you still proceed forward (towards DepEd/ULTRA), you will be apprehended and issued a traffic ticket for "Disregarding Traffic Order".

It does not matter if there's no "Left Lane Must Turn Left" sign. If you don't turn left, you will be flagged down and issued a traffic citation ticket for Obstruction of Traffic, or Disregarding Hand Sign/Gesture.

And if you ask: "What traffic did I obstruct, Officer?"

He'll say: "You're obstructing me."

Actually, he's probably referring to cars in the second-from-the-leftmost lane, who are trying to turn left into St. Paul's road. I dunno... maybe some cars in the leftmost lane want to make a U-turn.

Strange... near the ULTRA traffic light, you will see blue signs that say: "Inner Lane Must Turn Left" -- I don't know why they didn't display such signs near the Mega Tent intersection, or why some traffic officers allow cars in the leftmost lane to move forward.

It would be better if they were most consistent with their traffic rules and regulations.

Bottomline: If you plan to drive towards ULTRA, avoid the innermost/leftmost lane near Mega Tent.

Otherwise, be prepared to go to the municipal hall in Pasig City and pay P500 (traffic fine). Warning: Lots of motorists have already been apprehended.

[ First posted on 04/29/2010 by Manuel Viloria ]

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