Jellyfish Itchy Scar

I got stung by what looked like a box jellyfish last May 4, while sitting (with water up to my chest) on the Manjuyod Negros Oriental sandbar....

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The pain felt like an electric shock, followed by what seemed like acid being injected into my right arm. The word that suddenly came to mind was: "Jellyfish!"

I then saw the whitish/transparent jellyfish (about the size of a softball) floating towards Adi. I shouted "Move back!" but he also got stung. Twice. (Right shoulder and left inner arm).

Anyway, I waded back to the boat, and our guide poured vinegar on our jellyfish stings. He warned us not to scratch the stings. I was puzzled because it wasn't itchy at all. Just painful.

It was around 1145am then, so I don't know if we were just hungry. Adi and I soon felt pain in our stomach area (as if someone punched us). Then, the pain spread to the middle of our back, then up our armpits, then up the left shoulder, then on to the chest.

Fortunately, we weren't having any difficulty breathing.

After about an hour, the pain from the jellyfish sting subsided. A bit.

A week later, however, the areas which got stung by the jellyfish, started to get itchy (for the first time). The skin also got slightly inflamed, so I have welts again. Based on the experiences of others, there are cases where itchiness or inflammation recurs one week after a jellyfish attack.

I also read that scars from jellyfish stings are forever. Scarred for life. Ick.

I wonder if I'll swim in the ocean again in the future. Maybe I'll get a wetsuit? :-)

[ First posted on 05/12/2010 by Manuel Viloria ]

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