Netbooks in 2009?

Relatives have been asking: Do we buy a notebook or a netbook in 2009?

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It might be the inflow of Christmas cash, tempered by the reality of the global financial meltdown and creeping recession (or "what recession?" depending on who you ask), which makes friends and loved ones wishing for a computer upgrade to step back and ask:

"Do I really need a $1,800 notebook? Or will a $500 netbook do?"

It really depends on what you want to do.

If you are mainly interested in surfing the web, watching videos on YouTube, and firing off the occasional email, and if you want the mobility the WiFi (and a light computer) gives you, then go for a netbook. Acer Aspire One, Asus 1000H, MSI Wind, HP Mini Note... these are pretty good.

But if you need more computing power, or if you want to produce slick presentations or creatively edit videos, then consider getting a notebook. Perhaps even a Macbook Pro?

What if you don't know what exactly you want to do? Then observe yourself for about a week. In terms of using the computer, how do you use it? How often do you sit in front of the keyboard? After just 7 days, you will be in a better position to assess if you even need a computer upgrade in the first place.

Here's wishing you a prosperous and financially sound 2009! :-)

[ First posted on 12/29/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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