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Do you want your blog to have its own automatic podcast? You can, with Odiogo.

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At, you are able to give your text content a voice, as well as a pair of legs. When your blog gets its own podcast, people will be able to listen to your words no matter where they go, thanks to the convenience of their MP3 players.

Odiogo has a text-to-speech program that "reads" your text out loud in a near-human voice. So, if you feel shy about speaking into the mic, then let the software read your posts for you. Check out to see Odiogo in action.

If people decide to subscribe to your Odiogo podcast, however, they will end up as subscribers of Odiogo, because Odiogo "owns" the podcast feed. Afterall, they will host the MP3 files on their server. They'll also gain data on the number of people who subscribed via iTunes.

If you prefer to hold on to such information, you'll need to place those MP3 podcast audio files in a server that you control. But if you're just after a quick and instant podcast solution because you simply want to expand your blog's reach, then try Odiogo today.

(NOTE: Having a podcast will not necessarily translate to higher traffic for your web site, because podcast subscribers will just listen to your post and not read it. There is, however, a way of using podcasts to build site traffic and bring you even more visitors. Stay tuned for that article.)

[ First posted on 08/01/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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