Thirty Day Challenge Longest Day

Day 3 of the "Thirty Day Challenge" is shaping into the longest day.

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A flood of visitors relentlessly hammers the server at, forcing the server admins to make adjustments. These have pushed the release of the notes for Day by four hours to August 3, Friday, 1PM (EST). Well, 1pm came and went, and the new target is somewhere within the next 36 hours.

We are amazed that so many people are hungry for the free step-by-step make money online course of Ed Dale and company, that the demand for the podcast and mp4 videos have siphoned off at least 1 terabyte of data from the 30DC webserver.

This delay is building up the excitement of some the 30DC participants, and some have even gone ahead and done things outside the recommended blueprint of Ed Dale. For example, among the initial activities are to visit sites which reveal what people are searching for online, make a list of broad topics or niche ideas, and then simply choose seven from that list.

How do we further refine that magic list of 7? That will be revealed in the "Day 3" training module of the Thirty Day Challenge, which will probably be available before the weekend is over. Perhaps the prospect of twiddling one's thumbs is too much for some people, that some have gone out and registered domain names related to their seven choice topics.

The 30DC course aims to help newbies earn their first $10 online in 30 days, without anyone spending on anything. Those who jumped the gun and registered 7 domain names will now have to earn more than $10, if they want to end up with a profit.

The lesson here? Be patient and first learn the basic steps.

Clearly, the lessons for Day 3 will surprise a significant number of participants, both newbies and veterans alike. And I'm not just talking about what Ed Dale will share in his podcast or videos. I'm referring to the displayed behavior in the 30DC forums.

Given this lull, it's not too late for you to join the Thirty Day Challenge. Try it! Afterall, it's free, and you'll learn something new about internet marketing.

Good luck and have fun!

[ First posted on 08/04/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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