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Are you looking for Doncaster clothes in the San Francisco area? My sister-in-law, Diane Benisano Bautista, is a fashion consultant and belongs to the San Francisco region of Doncaster.

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If you are located in the bay area, you may want to get in touch with her. Doncaster usually holds shows in the area or you can call her also for an appointment. There are about 300 pieces in a collection for each season.

Doncaster is worn by women ages 26-75 years old. The styles will appeal to working women, professionals and executives, and couture buyers. Available sizes range from Petite to Size 24 (Women's).

Doncaster tries to work around the customer's schedule. Customers can come and try on the clothes. If the style is not available in the customer's size, an order can be placed. Orders can be shipped or delivered to customers within a specified area covered by a fashion consultant.

If you would like to learn more about Doncaster or if you are ready to buy from their collection, please visit Diane Bautista's Doncaster site. Why should you buy from her? She's a very fashionable lady and very nice too. =) And I'm not just saying that because we're related. So go buy Doncaster clothes now.

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