Thursday, December 11, 2003

Got a survey via sms text from my sister. [more]

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Tuesday, December 9, 2003

If you want to convert your MS Word or Excel documents into PDF format, you can easily do so today with just one click. It's free, if you don't mind an advertisement appearing at the bottom of your PDF pages. [more]

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Ever stumble upon those online quizzes where you answer a bunch of questions, and out comes some text describing you? It's something along the lines of: "You're so-and-so character, from so-and-so movie, etc." [more]

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Monday, December 8, 2003

I'm looking for good shoes again, preferably the Rockport brand. I've hiked up a mountain, gotten "lost" and ended up several towns away from where I started, and my shoes served me well. [more]

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Phone-Center Workers Live In an American 'Bubble' Cheesedogs and Hip-Hop. -- "The Philippines' growing share of the multibillion-dollar call-center market is creating a subculture of Filipinos with American accents, tastes and time-zones.... There are 30,000 people answering phones and e-mail queries in Manila, doing work -- for $600 to $800 a month -- that generally pays better than bookkeeping in a bank or similar white-collar employment. That figure could double over the next couple of years, call-center operators predict, creating a middle class that actually stays in the Philippines rather than one that must emigrate to work overseas, as millions of Filipinos have done."


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Conrado De Quiros considers an FPJ Presidency a threat. Even the title of his article is direct and to the point. [more]

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