The Threat of an FPJ Presidency

Conrado De Quiros considers an FPJ Presidency a threat. Even the title of his article is direct and to the point.

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Threat. -- "I am for taking the threat of Poe becoming president deathly seriously. It is a threat. I can only appeal to Poe to rethink his position if he truly has a good heart. He will be remembered well as a movie star, he won't be so as a president. History will judge him harshly. Eulogies are not the things that will attend his passing. This country cannot survive six more years of rule by Estrada's people, who are also Poe's people. I myself will treat it as I would the threat of a coup or martial law. With utmost resistance."

So, who will make a good Philippine President?

In The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John C. Maxwell writes that people have to first buy into the leader, before buying into the vision. If the leader is accepted but the vision is not, then the vision has to be changed. If the leader is not acceptable, but the vision is, then the leader has to be changed.

Maxwell also writes about Charlton Heston, President of the NRA, who was chosen not because of his expertise in rifles and hunting, but perhaps because of the credibility he wields as an actor.

Does FPJ have a lot of credibility as an actor? De Quiros' tone reveals that FPJ will most likely be swept into office. He is also worried about the people around Fernando Poe, Jr.

If you watched last week's "Debate" (Mareng Winnie Monsod and Pareng Oscar Orbos), did you feel comfortable looking at the people surrounding the other presidential candidates?

How about you? Don't think first of platforms or the kind of people advising this or that candidate. Whom do you trust and look up to as your future leader, among the aspiring presidentiables? Whom do you suppose majority of the Filipino people trust?

Based on the reactions of some people, it looks like FPJ will surely be the next President of the Philippines. But let's wait for December 15 when things will be "clearer" regarding who will run and who will back out.
[ First posted on 12/08/2003 by Manuel Viloria ]

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