Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Erin asks via email some questions about children and families in Filipino culture. While I will answer as best as I can, I invite all Pinoys to share your comments and insights using the fill-in-the-blanks form found at the end of the text.

Now on to the questions... [more]

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Monday, October 28, 2002

If you don't hear from us, chances are we're in Cebu. I don't know if we can answer emails nor update this site from there. Anyway, we should be back next week. See ya! [more]

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Do you use to automatically update your site via ftp? Just to be safe, please change your site's ftp passwords.

Lotto winner loses life to robbers
Angel told me last night that she saw on TV the house of the Lotto winner. It was extremely simple, and you might say the winner really deserves to win all that money.

This morning, however, I heard some announcer at an AM radio station mention that it was the wife of the victim who actually won the Lotto, and that she was upset over how the money was being spent -- daily parties and inuman... I dunno. Let's see how this mystery unfolds.


...Turns out the wife of the victim asked that she be allowed to sleep in another house, because she felt that something bad was going to happen. Up to now, the police don't know where the wife is. The plot thickens.

Suspects in the lotto slay include wife and son (PDI, Oct 30, 2002)

What about you? What would you do if you suddenly won P19 million?

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My friends were surprised to learn I still don't own a VCD player. I mean, here's a computer and here's a web site, so where's the VCD player?

It's expensive, I explained.

Afterall, a brand new Sony VCD Player costs a little under P7,000 in one of the more popular appliance stores in Manila.

Nope, it's just P1,800...

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