Thursday, October 10, 2002

Don't Link To Us ( "links to sites that attempt to impose substantial restrictions on other sites that link to them."

It's strange how some sites display information on a public part of the web, and then ask others not to link to them. I understand how people will freely express themselves in some online journal, or how their emotions are "in process" and do not necessarily reflect yet how they "finally" feel about someone, but still...

Why would you post something publicly, and then try to hide it by asking others not to link to you? Shades of approach-avoidance, right?

Why not just use a sheet of paper or a regular diary (with lock and key) to express yourself? Why continue to use the usually very public web (sometimes to publicly attack others), and then appeal for some kind of false obscurity?

Things to try: a pseudonym, a password-protected site, weird language...

What do YOU think?

Here's someone who's quite open about her time. It seems that it's the busiest person who has the most time.

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"where can I buy shower curtains?" someone asks via email. That reminds me -- my shower curtains are quite ancient and need to be replaced. Is it really possible to buy shower curtains online? You might be surprised...

Bath Accessories Set with FREE shower Curtain Liner & Hooks for $8.99 at

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Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Don't Use Soap... Use Alcohol Gel
U.S. hospitals are shifting to alcohol gel since washing your dirty hands with soap just isn't as effective anymore. I wonder, though, if this ultra-clean environment we create will leave us vulnerable.

Remember those times when we would go to some far-flung barrio, drink the water there, and then promptly get sick? Sheltered tummies, that's what.

Speaking of sheltered, does anyone out there know how to play Pekwa?

Angel found Jimmy Gil amusing when--during a dismal basketball game between the Philippines and China--said that we Filipinos would win in Jolens (marbles), Pekwa, and rumor-mongering.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2002

The Art of Multitasking
By Alison Overholt (FastCompany). Here are examples of how some executives get more work done, in less time, with fewer resources. Via cellphones, email, voicemail, instant messaging, and delegation. Now I'm off to get rid of various paper piles pronto!

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People have been asking for some skeds of Christmas Bazaars, so here goes...

(By the way, feel free to submit your Bazaar sked via the form box below.)

NOTE: This page will be updated over time, as more info comes in, so please Bookmark this page today. [more]

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Monday, October 7, 2002

Baby names come from the strangest of places -- from the initials of the dad and mom, from the names of the child's paternal and maternal grandparents, from TV Guides, from names seen painted on the side of jeepneys.


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