Thursday, September 26, 2002 showcases some of the best children's stories on the web. I checked their Free Stories section and read "Little Mo" which talks about bravery.

Little Mo is a panda who tries to be brave. He meets different animals who attempt to harm him, but when they find out Little Mo is scared of Big Bully Leopard, the smaller predators scamper away.

It's a typical children's story that relies on pattern and repetition.

Anyway, Little Mo meets Big Bully Leopard, and shows exactly how brave he can be.

Little Mo's mom is proud of him, and a twist in the ending reveals some of the realities of being brave.

Check it out today --

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Ohio man files US$1.5 million suit against Marriott: Hidden camera found in bathroom. By Randy Kenner. "Herston said that the equipment had a film of dust on it indicating that it had been there for some time. It also had a piece of tape on it indicating the room number, Room 253. Herston said that Marriott employees let Brewer view the tape in their presence but refused to give it to him."

Whoa. I'd better learn how to use the bathroom without switching on the lights. Some spycams start recording when the light is on. Hmmm... I wonder what hotel I'll stay in next time.

Then again, it might be a security feature of some establishments. *cough*

(Ano, Dearest? Gusto mo na mag-Marriott? Hehehe...)

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If you want to write online about your life, your thoughts, your whatevers, but didn't want to spend time learning all the technical geeky web programming stuff, then...

Try these online sample journal tools:

...and see how easy it is to publish online. Yep, even with zero technical knowledge.

So go ahead. Play with it. Ask me questions if you need help.

In the meantime, welcome to the online publishing world! Now, YOU have a voice online.

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Do you want to get your SSS info via sms texting? You can, if you're a SMART subscriber. Here's how... [more]

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