Thursday, April 25, 2002

My friend Dindin recently asked me about guestbooks. Well, I stumbled upon Guestmap, after seeing the guestmap of Lilledeshan Bose, who's the person behind Ecstatic Spastic.

Actually, Lille just made "gaya-gaya" to Lia Bulaong of Cheesedip. That's what I get after surfing around the sites of Ellen (Sunny Side Up) and Pam Pastor (Nocturnal Angel).

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Monday, April 22, 2002

I subscribe to Fred Langa's newsletter because it helps me use my computer. Yes, it makes me look good in the eyes of my wife (ahem), and it makes me look brilliant at work (how'd you know that, Manuel?). There's a FREE version and a for-fee version. It's the ONLY newsletter online that I've happily paid for.

In past newsletters, aside from the helpful computer tips, I read about how some of the subscription fees were used to help children. But I was surprised to recently read about how a Filipino child was helped: [more]

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