Learn Computers and Help Filipino Children

I subscribe to Fred Langa's newsletter because it helps me use my computer. Yes, it makes me look good in the eyes of my wife (ahem), and it makes me look brilliant at work (how'd you know that, Manuel?). There's a FREE version and a for-fee version. It's the ONLY newsletter online that I've happily paid for.

In past newsletters, aside from the helpful computer tips, I read about how some of the subscription fees were used to help children. But I was surprised to recently read about how a Filipino child was helped:

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5) Meet Little Macy-Jean Calinawan

Macy-Jean Calinawan is the sixth and newest member of the LangaList family. She lives in the Philippines. For a photo of Macy-Jean along with information on how LangaList Plus! subscribers are helping her, click to this: http://www.freetune.com/newsletters/2002/meet_macy_jean.htm

What's this all about? Very simply this: Those of us with computers and Internet access are vastly better off than most of the world's population. Because of this, I decided that a portion of the LangaList Plus! subscription fees would be donated to registered/legitimate charities helping the underprivileged around the world. The contribution does not increase the cost of a Plus! subscription in any way; the donation is taken "off the top" of any profits. (This is described in the pages at http://www.langa.com/plus.htm )

Macy-Jean is the sixth child sponsored for a full year (via an international relief agency) by the collective generosity of LangaList Plus! subscribers; several of the kids are now into their second full year of sponsorship. Plus! subscribers also have collectively contributed to emergency earthquake relief efforts in India and to funds to assist those hurt in the Sept 11th terrorist attacks on the US. (To see all the donations so far, click to http://www.langa.com/plus2.htm#kids )

As the year goes on, and as more readers sign up for Plus! subscriptions, I hope we'll be able to sponsor more children and assist other charities around the world.

Graham Greene once said, "There is always a moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in...." If you're already a LangaList Plus subscriber, thank you! You can feel good about giving back a little to those less fortunate, and opening "a door to the future" for a child in otherwise-desperate circumstances.

If you're not yet a Plus! subscriber check it out: With a Plus! subscription, you can not only help yourself make the most of your hardware, software and time online with expanded content and no advertising--- but you also can help those less fortunate (like Macy- Jean) make the most of their very lives. Thanks for your help!


Oh, I got permission from Fred Langa before posting the above excerpt from one of his newsletters.

So if you like to learn how to make your computer work for you, check out the free version. Then if you like what you see, and if you like to also help children the world over, subscribe to the Plus! version. I highly recommend it.
[ First posted on 04/22/2002 by Manuel Viloria ]

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