Friday, January 10, 2003

"I did not send any such email!" complained my friend. Relax... if you receive some complaint that you attempted to email a virus, chances are the FROM field of some email was filled-in with an address found in some address book.

Too bad it just happened to be your email address picked by the virus or Livra Worm.

Anyway, just delete the email.

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A lot of Pinoys have relatives in the USA. If you try sending an sms text, it will cost you around P10 per message. If you want to send sms text messages to someone in the USA for free, try:

Have fun!

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Thursday, January 9, 2003

Bruce Tulgan writes in "Memo to the Workforce of the Future" five common denominators of success in the new career paradigm. Let's face it -- the jobplace has changed. The once loyal employee is now going the way of the old career paths.

Each person is now in business for oneself. Even if you think you're just an employee, you're actually a marketing or salesperson, and the product is... you. [more]

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Potato chips manufacturers in the Philippines offer great-tasting potato chips that rival imported brands in terms of taste, texture and even packaging, but at super-low prices. Here are some companies that offer potato chips and tortilla snack foods... [more]

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Wednesday, January 8, 2003

Jennifer emails: "What is Surge Domine in the book of noli found on chapter 29?" Here's my response... [more]

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If you're looking for Business Yellow Pages related to the Philippines, you'll find them online at any of the following web sites:
This third link gives you an online listing of the entries in the yellow pages, while the first two are more like company web sites...

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