Philippine Business Yellow Pages

If you're looking for Business Yellow Pages related to the Philippines, you'll find them online at any of the following web sites:
This third link gives you an online listing of the entries in the yellow pages, while the first two are more like company web sites...

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I've often wondered why the categories in the yellow pages are worded that way. Sometimes, you'll find the same company listed in categories far apart in the yellow pages. For example, under "Apartments" and "Hotels"

And why do yellow pages in the Philippines have a category called "Automobiles" which is more expansive than the one called "Cars" ? Oh well...

Which reminds me... are yellow pages useful online? Surf, check out a phone number listed in some online yellow pages directory, then cut your internet connection so you can use the phone to call them up.

It would help if those listings included, aside from the phone number, a web site and an email address.

Here are additional tips for companies listed in the yellow pages:

1. Post an email address that appears only in the yellow pages. That way, you can measure how well your money was spent advertising in this or that directory.

2. Get an email address. You'll be surprised how many Philippine companies still don't have email addresses, in spite of the fact that so many Pinoys living outside the Philippines need information for some party they're organizing as soon as they return home.

Here's one conversation I had with a businessperson:

"Do you have an email address?"

For business purposes? None...

"How about in the future?"

Uhm... no intention.

"But I want to send more business your way. These customers live overseas and don't want to spend on long-distance charges. They prefer email..."

Ah... could you give me your cellphone number? I'll call you when and if we get an email address...

Anyway, please do round out your promotional and advertising efforts, with the help of your entry in the yellow pages, an email address (at least), and a web site. Good luck!
[ First posted on 01/08/2003 by Manuel Viloria ]

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