Pure Barley NZ Experience

I've tried drinking a couple of glasses of Pure Barley NZ, and this is what I experienced...

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First of all, I got strange stares from the people around me, because when you mix the Pure Barley NZ Leaf Powder with cold water, you end up with a rather deep, dark green drink which gives off a slightly grassy scent.

There's also a very slight taste of grass, but overall it tasted quite pleasant for me. Other people didn't agree, though, which goes to show you that the Pure Barley experience differs from person to person.

So far, I've consumed two sachets. Yes, I made sure I took it 30 minutes before a meal. And yes, I used a plastic spoon because stirring with a metal spoon is a no-no.

The first time I tried it was at around 6:30am, before breakfast. The second time was at 5pm, before my 5:30pm merienda.

So far, I didn't feel any different, although I've been more conscious of my health. That means I've been going to sleep earlier than the old sleep deprived schedule.

In other words, while my general health levels have been increasing, we cannot attribute it only to those two sachets of Pure Barley NZ Leaf Powder from BioSpring International.

It has been a combination of other things, such as reading more books about physical, mental, and emotional health.

What this teaches us is that we should not rely only on one "magic pill" and instead we should strive for an overall desire for health and wellness.

Things begin with DESIRE. And when you make your health as well as your family's health your top priority, you will find yourself naturally gravitating towards healthful things such as good food, exercise, the right sleeping habits, and reading books and Kindle ebooks that enrich your mind.

Have you tried drinking Pure Barley NZ? What did you feel?

[ First posted on 08/29/2011 by Manuel Viloria ]

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