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Got my anti flu shots recently, and gathered some tips from Dr. J. N. Tomas in the process.

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According to Dr. Jhoel, it takes around 4 weeks for your body to start producing anti-bodies after you get your anti-flu injection. Since the new vaccine comes out around March of each year, get your flu shot either in late March or early April.

That way, by the month of May your body is more or less prepared for those viral infections.

In the Philippines, the flu virus strikes in the months of June, July, and August (probably because of the wet season). Then the incidence of influenza cases goes down, only to flare up again in October, November, and December.

An anti-flu shot costs around P1,200 (The Medical City) though you shouldn't be surprised if you get charged as high as P1,500 in other places.

What are the benefits of the anti flu vaccine?

Personally, I feel as if I catch a cold less frequently. Less downtime for me.

This can also help people who are suffering from asthma, because that means fewer incidences of clogged noses, which could lead to difficulty in breathing.

Please consult with your professional health care provider if an anti flu shot is for you. And if you do go for one, make sure you're healthy and colds-free on the day you want to have your shot (on the upper left arm, if your right-handed).

[ First posted on 04/19/2011 by Manuel Viloria ]

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