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Dave Guindon launches an exit page software called Exit Splash.

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If you have a web site, then you know what it's like to have people visit it, and then do nothing except go away to visit some other web page. If you're an internet marketer, that visitor is considered lost. And if you paid for that visitor, then you might be wondering: "How can I get back the visitors who left my site?"

That's where Exit Splash comes in. If you have a web site that gives the visitor two options, say, the option that favors you (the web site owner), and the option to leave the site, Exit Splash shows some kind of "before you go" webpage to people who try and visit another site.

The attention-grabbing page contains eye-catching graphics plus an audio file that gets your visitors attention just as they are leaving your site. And this can be quite profitable for you who are making money online.

For example, let's assume that 10% of your visitors land on your salespage and buy your $27 ebook or downloadable infoproduct. So if you send 100 people to your web site, 10 will buy your product while 90 will just leave without buying your product.

Usually, those 90 are gone... forever. With Exit Splash, however, those 90 will see a "Wait! Before you go..." kind of webpage. And if only 5% of those exiting people take on your secondary offer, that's an additional 4 customers for you.

Instead of just having 10 customers, you now have (based on this illustrative example) 14 customers.

The secondary offer might be an invitation to sign up for your newsletter, or you might even offer a different product (lower price).

Would you like to see this exit page script in action?

Please visit www.Exit-Splash.com then try going to Google.com (or some other site), and you will see how you can turn your exit traffic into cash with Exit Splash.

[ First posted on 04/12/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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