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If you're looking for a review of Google Shadow, you're in luck because Tim Houston has given a sneak peek of the inner workings of this latest product by Chris X McNeeney.

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Basically, Google Shadow is for people who use Adwords to drive traffic to web sites. The twist in this case, however, is that Tim Houston does not have his own product. He does not use a list, and neither does he use his own websites.

In other words, he sends traffic directly to the merchants' sites via Adwords PPC ads, and then earns an affiliate commission when the visit results in a sale.

That's basically how he makes money online, to the cool tune of $100,000 a month.

If you're skeptical if this is just a scam, or if you're wondering how this method of direct linking in Adwords actually works, all you need to do is listen to the various mp3 interviews of Tim Houston freely available on the web.

To quickly summarize, Tim finds merchants who are not members of popular networks. He has to do this to get a better chance of being allowed by merchants to use direct linking. Normally, those merchants who are members of networks like Clickbank or CJ will not allow affiliates to use this technique.

In addition, this works for Tim because it is a game of volume. He finds a way to write lots of ads. He either writes those himself or he outsources it. Then he makes use of software to help him use Adwords along with those hundreds of ads. He also monitors the performance of the different ads so that he will know which ones to remove, and which ones to continue investing advertising dollars in.

You can make Google Shadow work for you if you are willing to do the things that the system requires. In my estimate, your success hinges on your ability to find merchants, as well as your ad copywriting skills. You will also need patience since you will review the performance of your ads on a daily basis.

Good luck with your affiliate marketing campaigns! And have fun with Google Shadow.

[ First posted on 02/11/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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