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Do you want to improve your writing? Do you want to keep track of your projects, thoughts, or ideas? It's time you tried using journal software.

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Journal software is more than just a wordprocessing program. It comes with a calendar, a lightning fast search engine, plus an easy way to quickly organize the things you've written down.

It is also more than just a diary software, because you can use it to track your ideas securely. True, keeping a diary is fun. Imagine, you can add photos to your searchable diary. What's great about David Michael's The Journal software is that you can also use it beyond your diarist inclinations.

You can use it when you switch your role to that of a project planner or writer. You can even use it to help you solve problems, because you will attain clarity and even get "A-ha!" moments when you put something down in writing. Somehow, as the words sit there in your hard disk, the act of typing them out sets certain gears whirring within you. After a few hours or days, the solution will suddenly pop into your head. You simply just have to try it...

» Download Your 45-day Free Trial today so you can try this fantastic piece of journal software. That gives you more than a month to give it a whirl, and discover how you can improve your writing and get more organized at the same time. By the way, the software does not run on a Mac, which means the "I'm a PC" crowd will be able to use The Journal 4 handily.

System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/2000/NT/ME/98; 100 Mhz Pentium processor or better; 10MB hard disk space (although I would recommend more if you plan to include lots of photos in your journal entries), and 32 MB RAM (most of the computers I see in the stores have at least 512 MB of RAM). Given these specs, even my old computer (purchased in 1998) can easily run David Michael's journal software.

[ First posted on 09/20/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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