Acer Aspire One's Deaf Mic

Don't get me wrong... the Acer Aspire One is a handy UMPC or netbook, and typing on it is enjoyable.

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And it's webcam is quite clear. It's so clear (compared to the usual webcams you see) that when you first behold your face on that gorgeous, clear, and colorful screen, you'll probably decide right then and there to purchase the Aspire One.

The problem is, it has a deaf mic.

Go ahead. Try to record something. Yes, like the video recording taken by the webcam. And you'll soon find out that you have lost your voice. Apparently, the mic does work, but the Linux O/S installed in the Acer Aspire One will "recognize" the mic if you're using Skype. That's it.

If you're thinking of installing Windows XP on the Aspire One (just so you can use the mic), you'd better think twice. Be prepared for several tweaks, otherwise you'll run the risk of seeing the "blue screen of you-know-what."

(According to Mobility Philippines, though, there's a possible solution to the Acer Aspire One - Windows XP issue. You might also want to check out WinXP on 8GB SSD A110.)

But if you'll be happy surfing, checking email, blogging, or even watching the occasional YouTube video on a light and easy to use netbook, then try the Acer Aspire One. You'll enjoy the wonderful screen, the generous keyboard, and the responsive touchpad or trackpad.

(Just be careful, though, when you lift the lid/monitor/screen. It sometimes feels like it's about to crack, especially the part near the hinges.)

UPDATE: Here is David's tip for the Acer Aspire One mic --

The mic may not work with the webcam, but it does in fact work without Skype:
try this in a terminal

arecord testrecording
(now talk, then press CTRL-C to stop)

aplay testrecording
(It will replay what you said - or at least mine does!)

[ First posted on 09/03/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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