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It's time to renew my cell phone subscription, and they're offering me a Nokia 3110c. Should I take it?

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I mean, is it worth the typical 24-month or even 30-month lock-in period, in exchange for a free cell phone? Thankfully, I stopped myself from impulsively signing the renew contract, and decided to check the internet for a review of the Nokia 3110c, and this is what I found:

Nokia 3110C Complaints - Poor quality product!
While the original poster made that comment in September 2007 (over almost a year ago), the reports about the phone restarting every now and then on its own makes me shy away from it. Afterall, who wants the inconvenience of that, right? But what if there is a workaround solution?

Nokia Support: Nokia 3110c Restarts Automatically
There is a 15-step solution which sort of ties your hands, because you're not allowed to change the default theme, nor are you allowed to erase calendar notes, and you're also not allowed to go beyond 499kb of your cell phone's memory. Oh, and neither are you allowed to go below 470kb of your cell phone (not SD card) memory.

In other words, you'll need to monitor your memory, and after every 4 or 5 months, you'll need to do all those 15 steps again.

Thanks, but no thanks. Who needs the hassle, right?

Anyway, if you will use your phone mainly for voice calls and have no need to receive incoming SMS text (which you'll have to monitor because of the impact on the phone's memory), then go ahead and get the Nokia 3110c. I'm passing on this one, though.

[ First posted on 08/19/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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