Soundslides Releases Version 1.2 releases version 1.2 of its popular slideshow software.

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As a welcome update in 2008, this latest version of SoundslidesPlus allows you to precisely set when a photo will appear during an audio recording.

In the previous version, you simply move the sliders of a photo to determine when it will appear. This means you'll have to eyeball things, and when a series of photos have to rapidly appear in time with changes in your audio or music, that's when you encounter the difficulty.

With SoundslidesPlus version 1.2, however, you can set a photo to appear on a particular minute or a precise second in the recording. So if you want photos 5, 6, and 7 to appear exactly 3 seconds apart, you can now do that without having to just rely on your eyes for the proper photo slide placement. Now, you can type in the time in hour:minute:second format.

One problem which cropped up on my WinXP machine, though, is that my old slideshows (which contain around 124 photos) seem to take over my CPU's memory now that I've upgraded to this latest version of Soundslides. If I click on the "pause" button, the show keeps going for about 7 seconds before it pauses.

In the previous version, the show (in preview mode) instantly pauses the moment I click on the "pause" button.

Perhaps this newer version, which has better timing control, requires more processing power.

Overall, though, I'm quite pleased with SoundslidesPlus version 1.2, and will experiment with more photo storytelling projects in the future.

[ First posted on 01/21/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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