Philippine Twitter Gateway?

Do you update your Twitter account using your cell phone?

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If you're in the Philippines and you send an SMS text message to Twitter (in London), you'll spend anywhere from P10 to P15 per text. That's a rather expensive way to post Tweets via your cell phone.

If you're using SMART, you can surf via 3G, log into and just pay P10 every 30 minutes. If you will make at least two Twitter posts every 30 minutes, then you'll be able to "save" compared with those who directly send an SMS text to the UK number of Twitter.

Sending two tweets per half-hour, or four tweets an hour can be too much, though. Your followers might feel you're bombarding them with too many messages.

So if you're going to send one tweet an hour, what's a good mobile plan?

I'm going to test a Philippine Twitter gateway of sorts, which will charge Philippine-based cell phone users only P1.00 per SMS text. I don't know who this person is at, so I'll create a test account at Twitter.

Here's how it works

1. Register by sending the following to +63 929 363 2359

REG [TwitterUsername] [TwitterPassword]

2. To post your Tweet via P1.00/SMS text,
send the following to +63 929 363 2359

TWIT [Your message]

Now do you see why I'll create a test Twitter account first? Yes, I'm uneasy about revealing my Twitter password to someone I do not know.

Also, that looks like a cell phone number of a regular PLDT SMART sim, and not like those 4- or 6-digit gateway phone numbers. So I'm guessing it's an ordinary sim card that's perhaps inserted in a GSM Cable Modem.

The modem is then hooked up to a computer, whose software relays your text message to Twitter via the web. That's why it needs a Twitter username and password, so that it can log into your account and post the message.

Since it will probably be done via the web, there's no cost on their part.

I'm just wondering, though, why the charge is only P1.00 or even zero if people use the Unlimited Text plan. I mean, how will people providing the gateway service make money to pay for the cost of their set-up? Also, who is behind PHTwitters?

UPDATE: expresses her reservations at Twitter for Pinoys: PHtwitters

[ First posted on 12/30/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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