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What if you could easily write and type anything, in between your busy moments?

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That's the promise of the Neo from AlphaSmart.com, which allows you to easily switch on this keyboard with 2 - 6 line display, and type your words during that 5-minute window of opportunity.

The AlphaSmart Neo weighs only 2 lbs (about 0.9 kg), and even allows you to connect to a computer via USB so that you can transfer what you've typed into a Word document. Even if you're too busy to find a block of 30 minutes for your upcoming book, you can type during the less than 10 minute lull between your daily activities.

I've been tempted to go for this $219 mobile wordprocessing wonder, but the thought of the $250 Asus Eee PC makes me pause. Sure, it doesn't boot up as quickly as instant-on Neo, but a 10-second bootup is quite fast.

Why would I go for the Asus Eee over the Alphasmart Neo? Well, 8GB memory plus USB ports, microphone jack, ethernet, modem, slots for SD cards, and a mobile internet experience with your Palm Centro.

Why would I go for the Neo? Regular sized keyboard. Powered by 3 AAA batteries (good for up to 700 hours). No internet distractions.

Or maybe we can get both? :-)

[ First posted on 10/11/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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