Mobile Blogging With Utterz

What is Twitter with photos, audio and video? It's Utterz.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] enriches your mobile blogging experience by allowing you to easily post online text, images, audio, and video via your cell phone. For example, here's my Utterz page.

If you have a telephone in the US or Canada, you can phone in and record a voice message. If you don't have such a phone (say, you're in the Philippines) then you're out of luck.

One workaround is to send a video file via MMS. Same thing goes for photos and plain text.

If you try to send an audio file via PLDT MMS, it will not work because the file is not sent as an attachment. The message sent contains a hyperlink to the page which contains your audio, and this will not work with Utterz which seems to prefer attachments.

The ideal mobile blogging experience, in this case, is a mobile vlogging one. Take a quick 30-second vid clip of yourself using your cell phone, then MMS it to (Assuming you've registered and have defined your email address properly).

If you're from the Philippines and would like to make it easier to upload your voice messages (mobile podcasting, anyone?) by simply dialing a number, then please send email to and make your request. Perhaps if enough people let them know, they might consider it.

NOTE: I found out about Utterz thanks to Mona Weathers, whose post I stumbled upon via BlogRush.

[ First posted on 10/04/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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