The Nine Rules of Gokongwei

Get a copy of The Path of Entrepreneurship, a book by Marites A. Khanser about John Gokongwei, Jr.

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Then check out Chapter 20 ("The Nine Rules for Business Success"):

1. Change is inevitable and flexibility is the key.
2. Personal stakes in the company encourage everyone to work hard.
3. Mistakes and disappointments are inevitable.
4. Good brand building equals reputation.
5. Family support is crucial.
6. Never lose sleep thinking of business risks.
7. Pausing to recharge brings new vigor.
8. Reading and traveling enrich one’s mind.
9. Philanthropy is a personal satisfaction.

Tony Lopez expounds on those nine rules in Gokongwei’s nine rules (

I hope this encourages more Filipinos to get into entrepreneurship. Usually, we Filipinos are afraid to make mistakes. There's this fear of hiya or shame in case one's business ventures fail. We also tend to stay awake at night worrying about our business and finances. We tend to work too much and not spend enough time with family, nor do we take the time to rest, read, or travel.

And when it comes to philanthropy, we tend to think that charity begins at home. If we are able to help our relatives, then we've already helped "others." At least that's what some of us choose to believe.

Perhaps with this book, we'll be able to achieve a higher level of entrepreneurial success.

[ First posted on 09/28/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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