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Bloglines Beta is a joy to use.

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I particularly like the ability to drag your favest of your favorite RSS feeds to the main viewing area of Bloglines, so that when you first log into Bloglines, you get to read those latest entries first. In the regular version, you need to click on the various feeds listed on the left.

Will this new beta version help speed up the process of monitoring hundreds of different blogs? We'll see. For now, however, enjoy the cool look of the new Bloglines.

What's an RSS aggregator or reader for anyway? It helps you see which of the various sites you monitor has been updated. Instead of you having to surf from site to site, all you need to do is access your Bloglines page, and you can conveniently and quickly read the latest posts of your favorite blogs.

This beta version gives you three different views: Quick View, Full View, and 3-Pane View.

The Quick View displays just the titles of the new posts. The Full View displays the entire entries (complete with embedded images!). The 3-Pane View displays the post titles near the top of the window, and the body text of the clicked titles in the bottom window.

I prefer the 3-Pane View better than the Full View because the titles are easier to see. It works for me because I tend to jump from one article to another, especially when I don't find some of the titles appealing. The Quick View reminds me of the regular version of Bloglines.

Words are not enough, so please try the full experience at

So that's one way of monitoring known (to you) blogs. In a future post, I'll show you how to monitor blogs you never even knew existed, so that you can quickly check if your own posts or writing online have been copy/pasted to some other site. Stay tuned!

[ First posted on 09/02/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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