Intelli Guitar Tuner IMT 101

Here are some tips on how to use the Intelli Guitar Tuner IMT 101.

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You need to pluck each guitar string, starting from the 6th (top, thickest) down to the 1st (bottom, thinnest). Your string may be lower (orange) or higher (red) than the correct pitch. If your string is pitched higher than the standard, please lower the pitch to a point below the standard.


It is better to adjust your string from a low pitch up to the standard, rather than from a high pitch down to the standard. If you just rely on loosening the tension in your guitar string, the pitch might not hold because the string can still slacken.

If, however, you tighten your nylon string (as when you adjust from a low pitch up to the standard pitch), you'll be able to eliminate instances where the tune changes.

Bottomline: Adjust from orange to green, rather than from red to green.

The Intelli Guitar Tuner IM 101 can be used to tune both lead guitars and bass guitars.

(The song I'm trying to play on the classic nylon-string guitar in the video above is a snippet of Sarung Banggi [One Night], a folksong from Bicol, Philippines.)

[ First posted on 08/20/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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