Met Tathione: Skin Whitening Glutathione

Mercury Drug offers Met Tathione, a premium-grade glutathione imported from Japan.

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Lots of Filipinos are obsessed with skin whitening solutions, so this ingestible glutathione supplement serves as a convenient (although expensive) way of attaining a fairer complexion.

Mercury Drug presents Met Tathione as a reduced glutathione, which means it is the "highest grade and safest form of Glutathione" available in the market today.

According to the Woodlands Healing Research Cener in Philadelphia (

Reduced Glutathione: glutathione acts as one of the major detoxifiers in the body, but it must be in the reduced form to work properly. Sometimes glutathione will be listed on the label of a product, however it wont be specifically listed as being reduced. The unreduced form is much cheaper and isnít metabolically active. Riboflavin, niacinamide, selenium, lipoic acid and glutathione reductase are all essential cofactors for generating reduced glutathione. Once the cysteine moieties become oxidized, they combine to form cystine. Cystine taken by itself is poorly absorbed.

Each 250mg capsule of MET TATHIONE contains a potent dose of reduced glutathione which is combined with Alpha Lipoic Acid (a natural moisturizer) and Sodium Ascorbate (natural Vitamin C) to detoxify the body, boost the immune system, delay the effects ageing, protect you from skin allergies...

...and here's the most important point: decrease the production of melanin to whiten your skin.

I find it amusing that Mercury Drug chose to talk about all the major benefits, and then just add "whiten skin" in the end as a kind of afterthought or bonus.

Anyway, if you have questions, simply sms text:

REG (space) NAME (space) ADDRESS (space) AGE
and send this to 09175500 MET (or 09175500 638)

Or call their hotline at 0917500iMET (or 09175004638)

Or visit

(The Filipinas are so engrossed with skin whitening, while the foreigners prefer to get a tan!)

[ First posted on 07/20/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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