Philippine Folk Song: Paru-Parong Bukid

Here are the lyrics plus sample recording of the Philippine folk song "Paru-parong Bukid" (butterfly).

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I'm not sure if this is a "mountain" or "hill" butterfly. It's the kind of butterfly you see when you go to the provincial towns in the Philippines. Anyway...

I was inspired to do this after seeing Mama Lisa's Philippine Children's Songs. I'll probably add more songs to the Speak Tagalog Podcast. All right, all right... here's the song which likens a young maiden to a butterfly:

(Loosely translated...)

Paru-Parong Bukid

Paruparong bukid na lilipad-lipad
Butterfly (referring to a young lass) that flutters about

Sa gitna ng daa'y papagapagaspas
It waves its wings in the middle of the road

Isang bara ang tapis
Wearing a 9 meter-long rectangular cloth over her skirt

Isang dangkal ang manggas
Sleeves, a handspan long

Ang sayang de kola
Her skirt that's shaped like a grand piano

Isang piyesa ang sayad
has a train that's as long as an entire rack of cloth

May payneta pa siya -- uy!
She has a decorative hairpin -- wow!

May suklay pa mandin -- uy!
And even a comb

Nagwas de-ohetes ang palalabasin
She displays her embroidered half-slip (the cloth under the skirt)

Haharap sa altar at mananalamin
She faces the altar, then looks into her mirror

At saka lalakad na pakendeng-kendeng.
Then she walks and sways her hips.

Download Paru-Parong Bukid

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[ First posted on 06/01/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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