Monterey and Carmel Tour Tip

If you're thinking about going on a tour to Monterey and Carmel, then grab a bottle of suntan lotion and heed these tips.

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If you're taking the Super Sightseeing tour package in San Francisco, you'll most probably leave in the morning. So if you don't like to be broiled by the sun, ride on the right side of the bus.

If you end up on the left side of the bus, the morning sun will bear down on you (because you'll be headed south). At the end of the tour, when you head back to San Francisco from Monterey and Carmel, you'll once again be roasted by the afternoon sun if you stay on the left side of the bus.

Since it is quite difficult to switch to another seat, please choose a seat on the right side.

Or, bring some thick paper to shield your face from the hot afternoon sun. I didn't have any cover, so my face had nowhere to hide because the large tour bus windows had no curtains.

Also, be prepared to rush through the Monterey Bay Aquarium, because the bus tour will only give you 1.5 hours there. That's too short because the aquarium guidelines recommend you allot around 3 hours.

So, if you're planning to entertain your children, budget your time accordingly. The Super Sightseeing bus got us there at around 12:10pm and we had to leave by 1:40pm (I wish we spent more time there rather than at Carmel Plaza, where we were given an hour and forty minutes!)

You might also consider brining a packed lunch, because getting food at the aquarium cafe will eat up precious minutes from your 1.5 hour allocation.

So remember, when you go on your Monterey and Carmel tour, bring a packed lunch, a bottle of sunblock, and a some wide, thick paper to shield your face from the sun (just in case you're not able to get a right-side seat in the tour bus).

[ First posted on 04/29/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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