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Filipinos love singing, so when videoke or karaoke comes around, you'll find a lot of us milling around the mic.

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Now imagine taking this online, and you end up with, a free online karaoke community. What exactly makes it "community"?

Well, aside from being able to record your own version of "My Way" without getting shot, you can also watch other people (if their webcam is switched on) sing online. You can then record your own version, or--and this is the community part--you can also record a duet version.

I haven't tried the duet version because I'm planning to get hold of a webcam first. The mixing of two different soundtracks to get a single duet mp3 is fairly simple enough. I expect more creativity, though, once webcams come into play.

For example, you can have two friends and their two webcams. If those two will agree, they can come up with some kind of visual duet. The person on the left, for example, can act as if they're reaching over to the second person. The second person can then act as if they felt the touch.

It will be the music that will help set the choreography and the timing, so that the two separate webcam recordings look credible.

(UPDATE: Still haven't figured out how to control whose webcam will be shown. Apparently, duet mode only shows one cam. It would've been great if they had some kind of split-screen. Anyway, Ammie sings Tell Him with herself, complete with harmonies / second voice.)

Here's to global videoke with SingSnap, your free online karaoke community!

(Watch Mary54 sing Betcha By Golly Wow)
[ First posted on 03/10/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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