SMART Voice eMail

Did you know that you can now send a voice message to someone's email address using your cell phone?

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It's called SMART Voice eMail, and PLDT Smart subscribers can get more information by texting MAIL to 8990.

Step #1: First, you'll need to register an email address by texting the following to 8990:
ADD [space] [email address]

You will get an sms text message with a number to call (e.g., *899011), so please save that number. Each time you call that particular number, it's like you're sending your voice message to that particular email address.

(Actually, the first email you ADD will be assigned the number 899011. The second will be assigned 899012, and so on. I wonder how you'll be able to remember all those. Looks like you'll need a large phonebook.)

Step #2: Dial the number and leave your voice message. The maximum length is one minute. You will be charged P2.50/minute. There's no warning that your 60 seconds is almost up. You'll just suddenly hear: "Thank you for using VoiceTxt."

You'll also receive a text message from 899 that says: "Your voicemsg has been emailed." Plus instructions on how you can modify your VoiceTxt email address.

If you choose not to set your VoiceTxt email address, then it will look like (where 639... is your SMART cell phone number).

Here's a sample voice message I sent to myself. I wonder how long they'll keep the mp3 file in their server.

(For those contemplating one-minute podcasts when they're out in the field with nothing but a cellphone, now's your chance. Just use your phone and send your live mp3 recording to your email address. Simple, right?)

And if you're planning to download the mp3 file given this link:

The actual location is

Step #3: If you prefer to send a text (not voice) message to that email address, simply text your message to the number without the asterisk (e.g., 899011), and your message will appear as an email in their inbox.

(I wonder if you will pay P2.50 or P1.00 for each message sent out. For each email message you receive via your phone, you will be charged P1.00)

So, since you can accept incoming mail, what will your email address be?

Send REG [space] [yourname] to 8990.
For example: REG JUAN

Your email address will become

You can also block messages coming from certain email addresses.
Send BLOCK [space] [emailaddress] to 8990.
For example: BLOCK

If you change your mind,
Send UNBLOCK [space] [emailaddress] to 8990.
For example: UNBLOCK

If you unblock an address, you will pay P1.00 for each email sent by that address to your cell phone (via your email address).

WARNING: You'll have to remember which email address is associated with which 8990?? number. The email addresses of the senders are no longer shown in your incoming text messages, so if you forget what address the sender used, you'll be unable to BLOCK messages coming from that email address. And you know what that means -- you'll pay P1.00 for every message that person emails to your phone!

If you haven't ADDed an email address but you receive a message, that new address will be given the first unassigned 8990?? phone number (e.g. 899013 if you had manually added two addresses). In addition, you'll get a text message that says: "So-and-so email address has sent you an email. Reply YES for FREE to read the email. Reply NO for FREE to block the sender."

Congratulations to SMART for connecting cell phone users with email users. While there are quite a number of Filipinos connected to the internet, a far larger crowd walks around with basic cell phones.

What about non-SMART subscribers? Check out for your emailphone requirements (cell phone to email, email to cell phone). Incidentally, Mail2.PH also works with SMART numbers.

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[ First posted on 03/07/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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