PLDT Telepwede Complaint

I previously wrote about PLDT Telepwede in passing in PLDT Reloadable All-In-One Card, and someone submitted a complaint.

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Upon the request of email sender Danny Nuevo (, here's a copy of his PLDT Telepwede complaint:

Manny Hi,

The name is Danny Nuevo. I was surfing for info on telepwede and saw your rather fine regards for pldt’s service.

I recently shifted to telepwede and have no problem with my voice calls. But I cannot grasp PLDT’s idea of restricting access to other ISPs other than their Vibe Internet.

Had this happened in the US they would have a great deal of legal problem, but were in the Philippines so I guess theyre getting away with it.

I just wanted to share my problem with the service: PLDT restricted my choise of Internet service to VIBE and yet since installation and despite repeated calls to their helpdesk (ref. no. 151251814) my vibe link remains down. Their only explanation is that they have a Vibe network problem within the Caloocan area and have no date on when they could have it fixed.

Maybe you could just include this in your blog so that others may see the downside of switching to telepwede.

In my search for a cheaper alternative to a postpaid landline, this is what I got. Funny but last I heard, the government is working its heart out to bring technology to the masses. PLDT surely is doing one hell of a job blocking the momentum…

I asked Mr. Nuevo how long he has been experiencing this problem, and he wrote that his Vibe has been down for about two weeks, based on the trouble ticket PLDT's helpdesk gave him. He shifted to TelePwede around January 10, 2007 and has since not been able to get his Vibe connection to work.

For those of you with complaints about PLDT Telepwede, you can easily publish your experiences online for free. For example, if you go to, you'll be able to start your own blog (assuming no one has signed up for that Wordpress blog address yet).

You no longer have to rely on the old "Letters to the Editor" approach, or the "E-mail to the Bloggers" method. You can write about it yourself. And don't worry about your blog not getting a flood of visitors (since it will probably be quite new). Afterall, people who search for "PLDT Telepwede" in various search engines will eventually find your entry, because Google likes to index blogs.

You can also publish for free in

The last time I checked, no one has claimed the Squidoo PLDT Telepwede lens page yet. Perhaps you might wish to start it?

True, Squidoo is not as easy to use as WordPress, but it also gets a fair amount of Google attention just the same.

Consumers unite! You now have an easy way to let the world know about your experiences with telcos.

[ First posted on 02/22/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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