Problogging and Pro Vblogging

Some people are making money with their blogs. Now, you can do the same with your vblog or videoblog.

With, you upload your video and, depending on the amount of traffic you attract, you get a share of the "Shareholder Account Revenue."

To make money in this venture, you'll need to do the following:

1. Create a video that has mass appeal: humor, news-y, gossip... you get the picture.

2. Send traffic to that video: promote it in your blog, or get your blogger friends to write about it, promote it in your mailing lists.

3. Establish your video reputation: post more than one video, and try to keep your videoblog centered around a particular theme.

Remember, though, that this is a business. You can't just earn money and not have any expenses, right? To participate, you'll have to sign up as a Shareholder (around $14.95/month). Of the entire Shareholder Account Revenue pool, 80% will be distributed to other Shareholders based on the number of views their videos get.

The guaranteed minimum amount of the pool is US$5,000 but please keep in mind that the "Total Viewers" includes those who view the videos uploaded by non-earning, non-Shareholders. Assuming you're the only Shareholder, and Lulu.TV attracts 1 million viewers (100 of which view your one video), you'll get US$0.50 out of the $5,000.

Assuming each of your videos attracts 100 viewers, you'll have to upload 30 videos to break-even.

Anyway, try the free account first. After uploading a few videos, you can decide to upgrade to Shareholder status.

Problogging, pro-vblogging... there are increasingly more ways now to make money online. What are you waiting for?

[ First posted on 07/05/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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