Make Your Baby Stop Crying Instantly

Here's a revolutionary way of making your baby stop crying right away.

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Some wine tasters take a swig and leave the wine in their mouth. While the liquid is in the mouth, they suck in air. You'll hear a warbling kind of sound. Here's the sample video of how mothers successfully and quickly calmed down their crying babies using water and this sucking air technique.

If you're worried about getting the baby wet, please practice. Or if you're concerned about getting tired while making those water/warbling sounds, I'll post an mp3 recording of that sound so that you can just play/replay the sound when your baby cries.

UPDATE: Looks like the video was removed from YouTube, so I've made a recording of the strange water sound. Feel free to download to your mp3 players, and set it to loop repeatedly. Just don't expect your baby to listen or be distracted by it for too long.

Sound of water/warbling

So say goodbye to bleary-eyed nights and hair-pulling frustrations. Easily and quickly make your babies stop crying today!

(Note: Please check if your baby is hungry, wet, or uncomfortable. If you've checked and your baby still cries, try this warbling technique. If your baby's cries are serious and prolonged, please consult your medical/healthcare professional. Oh, I am not a doctor.)

[ First posted on 04/23/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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