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What can internet marketers learn from ninjas when marketing online using video?

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If you're thinking of, or already into streaming video for your marketing campaigns online, you might be guilty of what Jakob Nielsen writes about in Talking-Head Video Is Boring Online -- "Eyetracking data show that users are easily distracted when watching video on websites, especially when the video shows a talking head and is optimized for broadcast rather than online viewing."

People are not focusing on you and your message because behind you is a tree shaking in the wind, or a car zooming past, or a brightly-lit bulb throwing shadows on your face.

Well, the popular humorous video series solves all that:

1. No distracting background (just a plain color).
2. Numerous camera angles; frequent cuts. (to keep you from falling asleep and to help you focus on the main subject).
3. Short video (less than 3 minutes) = shorter waiting time, not to mention high replayability.
4. Fewer colors help compress your video (ninja black plus blue background).
5. Viral marketing by posting the video on YouTube (others can easily display your video on their sites)
6. Marketing blurb at the end so people remember you (at least 3 seconds or enough time for it to be read).

[On the downside: When a popular service like YouTube occasionally goes down or offline, your video area will be blank. In this case, you'll need a back-up system.]

The next time you put your humorous and attention-getting video online, try these ninja marketing techniques. Kiai!

[ First posted on 04/08/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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