Record Skype Voicemail

When you receive Skype voicemail, some file (in a proprietary format) is stored in your hard disk. Here are some ways to save it in mp3 format.

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In a previous post (Record Skype Calls For Podcasts), you read about Freecorder.

On my system (USB Sopu headset) the Freecorder recording of a Skype voicemail sounded distorted. Strange. The trial version of Freecorder sounded well. I don't know why the licensed version produced a jarring recording.

I then tried How To Save Skype Voicemail As MP3 with the help of Audacity, and discovered that it doesn't matter if the USB headset is plugged in or not, but the input level should be 0.1 (at least in my case) and not zero.

What's the point of all this? You can use Skype to talk with people all around the world, and then record the conversation so that it can form part of a podcast.

In the future, I'll try Pamela, the personal assistant for Skype and see if the recording is better. Pamela cannot automatically convert previously saved Skype voicemail messages, but it's supposed to be able to record live Skype calls.

In addition, this article on Skypecasters offers a way of podcasting with the help of Skype and virtual audio cables. Yes, we have quite a few things to test.

[ First posted on 03/31/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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