Walking Arnis

Here's a video clip of my Dad showing some arnis moves and exercises he does during his morning walk.

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While walking is a good and safe way to get fit, you might sometimes get bored. What will your arms do while walking? Perhaps you could try some of these Philippine martial arts arnis (or stick fighting) moves.

Abanico: Like a fan. You sweep the stick in front of you in a fanning motion. This is meant to parry a thrust towards your face. At the end of the semi-circular movement, you flick the stick in a kind of backhanded counterstrike to your opponents neck.

Siete-Siete: Literally, Seven-Seven. Some of the movements resemble the figure seven. You slash across at head level, then slash diagonally downwards. Next, you slash across the knees, then slasy diagonally upwards.

Doblado: This is a double-hit attack at neck or head level.

Close quarters: In tight areas, you'll need to keep your arms close to your sides. You can counterattack with an upward swing.

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Good luck with your walking exercise, and may these arnis movements help strengthen your arms and your upper body as well.

(I haven't uploaded the warm-up exercises. Perhaps next time, if you're interested.)

[ First posted on 01/30/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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