Vblogs and Video iPods

If you're into vblogging or video blogging, here's how to reach the video iPod market.

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Similar to podcasting, you'll need a blog that creates an RSS feed. For example, use a WordPress-powered blog.

Instead of linking to an MP3 file in your blog entry, link to an MOV file. (See Creating Video Podcasts on Mac OS X or HOW-TO: Convert a DVD for your iPod (with video) in Windows and also Good compression settings for iPod videos)

Use Feedburner.com to make your WordPress RSS feed more iTunes-friendly.

The nice thing about video blogging and RSS feeds is your .MOV video file will get automatically downloaded to your vblog subscribers' video iPods. Since the file is fully downloaded, when they view your video it will play beautifully (none of that herky-jerky movement).

If you also want to reach those who do not have a video iPod, you'll probably have to offer your vblog as a streaming video. Be warned, though, not everyone has a superfast internet connection nor the patience to passively sit through your boring talking head video.

Note: If 2004 was the year of the blog, and 2005 was the year of the podcast, will 2006 be the year of the Vblog? No, it won't. Don't be fooled by the marketing hype.

Here's why: Broadband connections are not that fast for video, few people who own video iPods are interested in vblogs, even fewer people will produce entertaining videoblogs.

Here's a simple test for you broadband internet subscribers: Visit sites with streaming video and observe how you feel while you view the vblog or online video. Does it make you want to watch the entire thing? Do you feel compelled to return to the site for more?

No, 2006 will not be the year of the vblog. Perhaps in 2008.

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[ First posted on 01/08/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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