The Disappearing Blogs

Wake up, folks! Blogs are becoming increasingly invisible.

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Yugatech wrote that the blogging fad will fade in 2006, and points to Gary Goldhammer's 2006: Year of The Vanishing Blogger.

Since more people will try blogging, you'll have so many bloggers to the point that the term becomes superfluous. If Conrado De Quiros puts up his own blog, does that make him a blogger or a columnist with a blog? Will the term matter? Is Jessica Zafra a "blogger"? Does it matter? Will it matter?

I spoke with a 4th year high school student last night and found out that about half of her batchmates now have blogs. You no longer get surprised if you meet a student who knows how to read and write. Why get surprised if you wake up one day and find an entire classroom of bloggers?

Blogs are becoming quite ordinary. In fact, The BlogHerald posted this: Time drops Blog of the Year Awards

So, if you think a blog is important, look again. You might be focusing too much on the invisible, that you fail to see the blindingly obvious. Afterall, why do some people bother to read Jessica Zafra's blog in the first place? Exactly.

[ First posted on 12/27/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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