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While it is possible to podcast even without a microphone (some podcasting services will record your voice over the telephone), it will not sound that good. For starters, please get hold of a microphone which you can connect to your computer.

Get a headset that comes with a microphone. Your hands will remain free, and the mic will be a more or less fixed distance from your mouth. This way, your recording audio volume will not vary that greatly.

You can plug your mic into an existing soundcard in your computer. You'll usually find the jacks at the back of your PC.

If you don't have a soundcard, please look for a USB mic. These usually have built-in soundcards, and all you need to do is plug these into an available USB port in your computer.

Once you have your microphone in place, head on over to www.podomatic.com and sign up for a free podcasting account. Give your account a name like testyourname.

Try it out and record whatever you wish to say. Remember, you're just trying it out at this point. There are no plans yet to target a particular audience or to have a regular show.

After you've tried it out, and if you think you'll enjoy doing this, that'll be the time to plan where to actually host your podcast. It will be important because if you attract a sizeable audience, where you choose to host your podcast will have an impact on its future.

[ First posted on 12/08/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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