Here's the on-going story of my PLDT DSL experience.

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PLDT myDSL Highlights:

Jan 4, 2006 - Speed increased to about 300 kbps; still unable to upload via FTP. Still no feedback from Mr. Fernando.

Jan 3, 2006 - Speed drops to 240 kbps; Unable to upload via FTP (dial-up account can upload, strange). Emails sent to are answered promptly. Got call from Mr. Fernando (6352471) and they will investigate.

Dec 1, 2005 - Installation of PLDT DSL 384 kbps; Speed tests show 400+ kbps

About 3 weeks ago (Nov 11), I called up 171 and applied for a PLDT DSL 999 subscription (384 Kbps). Two weeks ago (Nov 18) they told me my application was approved. I got an SMS text indicating my username and password.

Last week (Nov 25), they called me up and said they will install the modem during the week of Nov. 28.

Today, December 1, a friendly duo of PLDT DSL installation people successfully connected our PC to the internet via DSL in 15 minutes.

The speed test (via Greendot) showed a speed of 400 Kbps. I visited Mozilla and downloaded Firefox 1.5 and saw a download speed of 30 KB/sec or 240 Kbps.

I hope this euphoria over broadband speed lasts. It's pretty exciting after being used to dial-up (46.6 Kbps).

[ First posted on 12/01/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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