The Secret: Clue #2

What exactly is The Secret that will be revealed worldwide on February 15, 2006?

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Clue #2 shows that in the past (factory era), few people knew the secret and they wanted to keep it among themselves. They therefore kept the rest of the populace ignorant of The Secret. Factory workers just went to work, did their jobs, went home, and repeated the cycle over and over again.

There's going to be a shift, though, as the world's leading authors reveal to the world The Secret on February 15, 2006.

In Clue #1, Prime Time Productions reveals that a Secret has been passed through the ages, and that the few who knew about it harnessed its power: Lincoln, Carnegie, Roosevelt, Edison, Newton, Rockefeller, Hugo, Thoreau, Ford, Emerson, and Einstein.

Then something happened in 1909... a man uncovered the secret and shared it with a few others (for a princely sum). They agreed to never release the secret to the public.

Those who knew the Secret were kept safe during the 1st World War (1914); they thrived during the Great Depression (1929).

In 1933 a copy of the secret teachings reached the Roman Catholic Church, and the Secret was banned. For many decades the Secret remained hidden. Next year, in a worldwide television event The Secret will be revealed.

Given Clues #1 and #2, can you guess what The Secret is? I think it has something to do with Napoleon Hill and Og Mandino...

If you're curious about when Clue #3 will be released, check out

(I wonder if this somehow ties up with Jessica Zafra, the end of the ancient Mayan calendar, and how the convergence of communication, commerce and media via the internet will bring about some kind of interesting development in our world and in our lives...)

[ First posted on 12/01/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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