Podcast Episode 6: Rosang Taba (Part 2)

Here are the show notes for the 6th Episode of the Viloria.com Pinoy Podcast.

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Show Notes

The quick Tagalog lesson:
"Gutom na ako" (I am hungry)
"Meron bang adobo?" (Is there adobo around?)

Part 2 of Dean Francis Alfar's "How Rosang Taba Won A Race"

This continues from last week's Part 1 where Rosang Taba challenged Ser Pietrado. In Part 2, you'll hear the background of Rosang Taba, plus a conversation in Tagalog between Rosa and her father. Here's a rough translation of that exchange:

Father: Why did you do that?

Rosang Taba: I couldn't stomach the things he said. He called us animals!

F: He was just throwing words to the wind.

RT: We are not animals! It's not right for him to call us that, as if we are lower than them.

F: Rosa! Do you not realize what you have done? Don't you recognize whom you chose to..."

RT: I know, Father. I know...

F: I'm not keeping you from saying what's in your heart, but... How..?

RT: I've thought of a way.

F: A race...

RT: If I can do this... if I win...

F: Do you think you can change the way they see the Katao? Do you think you can change their minds?

RT: If I don't try...

F: If you lose...

RT: What if I win, like the heroes in your stories?

F: This is not a story, Rosa! Do you know what's at stake?

RT: Yes. My very being.

[ First posted on 10/07/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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